Cultural projects for sustainable human futures 

New ways of learning and connecting to the world.

We are Platô Cultural, an emerging company based in Brazil specialised in immersive experiences in education.


We work in partnership with schools, museums, institutions and companies to deliver transformative projects in response to specific briefs.  

Our aim is to transform education by exploring new ways of learning and connecting to the world through imagination. We combine design, immersive art, narrative design, and new technologies to create learning adventures that nurture the individual and the collective learning and ignite new relationships between people and places.  From our experience, the key to reaching and engaging with young audiences lies in creating a fictional world which will draw them in. With the young groups, we want to create a sense of seeing the everyday as the magical, the mythical and the imaginative. Through this process, we provoke in the young generation a sense that the world is something playful, creative and possible to change. 

The company was founded in 2018 by theatre-maker Francine Kliemann with the support from Goldsmiths University of London out of a wish to create experiences and spaces of encounter where arts and culture can (re-)inhabit, pushing the boundaries of where art can take place and how stories can be told.