We initiate, produce and incubate innovative projects and ideas in non-conventional places and in the public space, rethinking how he inhabit and use our cities and places

Following the concepts of  “Performative City”, the actions are  directed into  responding to  a  challenge of a specific location through arts and culture looking at how this can provoke transformative processes and help us imagine new narratives. Through a cultural mapping process in a specific location, we generate artistic briefs and invite a multidisciplinary team to create innovative solutions and ideas, creating opportunities to tackle local challenges  and transform places and communities, through artistic actions, experiential events and cultural opportunities.


Our projects take place in both virtual and physical environments. We go to unusual locations to make our work available to a wide range of audiences and to communicate with diverse communities.

Cultural creativity is the driving force of our projects. It offers new ways of seeing, experiencing and transforming where we live and what we dream. Art and artists play a fundamental role in the creation of images, in the formation of our imaginaries and in the productions of desires. Our aim is to tap in the transformative power of culture, exploring how creative innovation can transform places and allow us to share, experiment and imagine a more sustainable, creative and human city.

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Read about our first project here.

We carried out a pilot lab in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In March 2020

UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) was our main project partner.

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We create Innovative experiences in non-conventional spaces, rethinking how he inhabit and use our cities and places.

We develop cultural and artistic methodologies and actions to transform places and communities.