School of the (Im)Possible

What if S.O.S, a secret organisation from the future, found a way to communicate with our time? What if they invited children to embark on a secret mission: to help save our planet?

 The ‘School of the (Im)Possible’ is a participatory experience for 8-10 year olds that makes the kids our teachers, giving voice to the meaningful perspectives and expectations of the young generation for the future.

A time-travelling bookshelf appears in classrooms around the world filled with mysterious still-to-be-written books from the future. Over two months, the interactive books engage the students in different embodied and sensorial challenges; from the school surroundings, to a nature trail to visit the “portal to the future” (a green space in their local community). The participants are challenged to protect the “portal” whilst they learn about climate change. Their final challenge is to lead the ‘School of the (Im)Possible’: a day in which the kids are the teachers and the adults take the role of ‘students’, learning about the children’s experiences, and what their vision is for a sustainable future. The School of the (Im)possible creates a fictional and immersive setting for a nonlinear and unpredictable process that celebrates the binding of the human being to the surrounding environment as a process of learning, engaging, and transforming: making the impossible possible.

Platô Cultural (Brazil) and The Necessary Space (Scotland) are working with the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC) to deliver an immersive theatre experience for children aged 8-10 years at two schools in Central Scotland in Autumn 2022.