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All Power to the Developing!
A Podcast of The East Side Institute 

Listen now the Episode 40, which we had the honor of participating and sharing about our work, research and projects. 


Francine Kilemann and Marcia Donadel are bringing their experience with site-specific, immersive theatre to elementary school education in Brazil. Through Plato Cultural they lead students and teachers in creating fictional worlds in which the children become “SOS Agents” from the future tasked with helping to save the environment. The months-long performance is one in which nothing is taught in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, the students learn through the experience of performing. “Once we enter this fictional world,” says Kilemann, “we can ask ‘What if?’ and a range of possibilities emerge that we wouldn’t have if we had limited ourselves to the ‘facts.’” Hosted by Desire Wandan.


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